USPS LiteBlue Login Tutorial

usps liteblue login

USPS is an acronym that represents the United States Postal Service. It consists of a large member saddled with the responsibility of contributing to the development of the country.  The LiteBlue USPS is designed for the workers of the postal service across the country. This article is structured to help you know more about USPS LiteBlue as well as how you can log in to this service.

About USPS LiteBlue

It is a portal that enables you to log in and access your USPS account. Note that its only the employee that can access this platform.

LiteBlue is designed to boost employee’s communication. It will help you stay connected and communicate better.  The USPS LiteBlue has information that you need about revenue and service performance, career development, recognition, products, among others.

USPS LiteBlue is always evolving with the aim of delivering great results and serving you better. Therefore, you are enjoined to login to this web service often.

Qualities of LiteBlue USPS that you need to Know

The LiteBlue USPS portal and web service have been around for quite some time now. Every employee and affiliated members need to access the official portal to enjoy its full services. It is important that you know that the USPS LiteBlue has a number of features, which are available to users. Here are some important features of LiteBlue USPSS that you should know:

  • It is a web portal that allows the employees of the US Postal Services to directly access their work, product and revenue, recognition, among others.
  • LiteBlue USPS manages the services and the data of employee’s personal direction.
  • It offers excellent recorded system management through the directory for record purposes and future use.
  • Users can easily access the information that has to do with job tracking and mail tracking.
  • There is no restraint in the flow of data, and the request is based on the hierarchy level.
  • Log in, and access the employee portal is secured.
  • Schedule processing for shipment is automatic.
  • LiteBlue USPS shares details of a specific project to satisfy the desires of customers.
  • Original Source for all this USPS liteblue information is Campusrelief.

Some important facts about LiteBlue USPS

Having known some of the features of USPS, it is vital that you get yourself acquainted with some of the important facts about this web service. The service operates over 156 million addresses in one financial year.  Other facts about the UPSS that you need to know are as follows:

  • The USPS LiteBlue is multi-lingual, giving room for simple Spanish and Chinese. It is worth knowing that the first-hand language of the web service is the English Language.
  • There are over 336 million visitors on this website.
  • As of 2016, the LiteBlue USPS generates revenue of $1.4 trillion.
  • The number of service employees is about 7.5 million, while there are 150 thousand non-career employees and about 500 thousand career employees in the United States Postal Service.
  • The Postal Service of the United States generates its revenue through stamps, courier, and transport charges, and it is unique in the sense that it does not collect the tax.
  • The USPS gives priority to the elderly and disabled members of society. They make sure a post that gets to its destination faster if they notice that it is an accident or medical emergency related mail. They treat such emails urgently, whether it is Standard or First Class.
  • You have access to free, recyclable boxes under the flat rate priority order.
  • LiteBlue App can be downloaded on iOS devices and Android to give you quick access to their services and keep track of your mail.
  • There are different categories of the mailing system. There are Standard mail and First Class mail.

How to Login to LiteBlue?

It is essential that you know that the portal can only be accessed by its USPS employees that unique IDs.  The steps involved in signing in to USPS LiteBlue website:

  • Visit the official website of the USPS.
  • Navigate to the login page.
  • You will find two fields on the login page.
  • Supply the Employee ID and USPS password.
  • Click on the ‘Log On’ button once you have supplied the information above.
  • You will then have access to your LiteBlue USPS account.

You will be able to log in easily to your LiteBlue USPS account if you follow the steps given above.

The two important requirements that you need to access the USPS portal as an employee are employee ID and USPS password.  Your employee contains 8 digits, and it is can be easily seen on your earning statement. Furthermore, you need to visit the website to create a password.