Homeschool Blog Awards: Are You Ready? Let The Voting Begin

Firstly, these are the words we wanted to say for all your support. Here are the fields which are considered for Homeschool Blog awards of 2014. Voting opportunity is open now and will last up to 29th of December. You can go through this link to vote for your favorite blog site.

We thank you for your gracious patience as we worked hard to get everything prepared. And since we understand this can be an extremely busy season for many of us (but when is’t active for a homeschool mother?!), we’ve determined to help make things a little simpler for you by keeping polls open for a solid three weeks in 2013!

This implies voting will be open until Monday, 29th of December 2014 at 11:59PM EST. Hence, if you’re extra active right now, don’t stress about attempting to vote while you’re rolling presents and baking biscuits – relax while you have a look at some awesome sites and only return after Christmas!

  1. Best Blog Design
  2. Best Dad Blog
  3. Best Variety Blog
  4. Best Family or Group Blog
  5. Best Special Needs Blog
  6. Best NEW Homeschool Blog
  7. Best Homemaking and/or Recipes Blog
  8. Best Super Homeschooler
  9. Best Crafts, Plans & Projects Blog
  10. Best Blog of Homeschool Mom
  11. Best Photos Blog
  12. Best Current Events, Opinion and/or Politics Blog
  13. Best Thrifty Homeschool Blog
  14. Best Homeschool Nature and Field Trip Blog
  15. Best Blog of Encourager
  16. Best Homeschool Vlogger
  17. Funniest Homeschool Blog
  18. Best Nitty Gritty Homeschooler
  19. Best Blog of Homeschool Methods
  20. Best Teen Homeschool Blog

These are the twenty categories which are most appealing for the users. So, we have decided to go on with these. There are so many blogs avail for all the above mentioned purposes. Choose the one carefully, you can’t get second chance.

Blog owners can get a badge kind of thing for their blog to put on their sites. This button will promote their site, so make use of that.

2008 Homeschool Blog Awards Nominations

If you want all the details on the Homeschool Blog Awards, that information can be found by you on our Awards page. If you are prepared to participate and understand about the awards, let’s get started! Voting will open on Nov 10th and ends on Dec 29th.

We propose making a small note on a piece of paper with all the RIGHT URLS of your favourite bloggers so you won’t squander your nomination and their RIGHT SPELLED site names. Another means to work the kind would be to use TABS and look up each site you need to nominate while you leave the Google Nominations File OPEN and copy and paste url and the name of each site over.

On nominating in the groups: Teens for teen group and dads for dad group etc. Common sense uses If the site doesn’t match the class, the nomination will be deleted by us. As you nominate sites to make the nomination encounter simpler class descriptions are contained. You aren’t required to nominate in every classification.

  1. You may just nominate each group one time. We propose you get it done and have it easy – of all the nominations you need to make in EVERY class – and make a list. And recall where you stand in your list (check it away as you nominate) so it is possible to begin where you left off if it’s necessary to come back after for any reason.
  2. Until the ending of the awards season to discover what’s occurring stay informed about our Awards Update page. We’ve got a “Upgrades” section that’s the latest.
  3. Writers and administrators of the Homeschool Post aren’t eligible for the prizes – so please do’t nominate them. We adore you, also – and feel free to see our sites and remark instead! If you do’t understand who our writers are, our team page can be found by you here.
  4. To be qualified to receive nomination the site must be active. They’re not qualified, if there aren’t any posts in over two months.
  5. Sites that are nominated should be suitable for all viewing audiences. Any site that will not match with this rule will be removed in the voting period.
  6. You may not nominate one site for greater than one classification.
  7. Please make sure you input your nomination information accurately so that it is made by your favourite sites into the voting period. Follow the nomination form directions carefully. With over 1,000 nominations, we cannot confirm every wrong url that is. Nominations that are wrong will be deleted.
  8. Voting won’t start until November 3rd. We want a while to get the surveys created for you!
  9. Beginning of nominations is on 13th of October, 2008 at 12:01 (PST) and will be ending on 24th of October at midnight (PST).

That’s all from our side, you can easily find a source on Web to nominate your favored one. Have pleasure and don’t stare too much time.

2008 Homeschool Blog Awards Categories

We are getting very closer to the 2008 Homeschool Blog awards. It’ll just be a 7 days gap from now on, Nominations start on the 13th! Chose your best-loved blogs in the categories cited beneath and nominate them. Homeschool blog voting begins very soon after the nominations.

Here are the classes that have been posted here for this year.

1)  Best Artistic Content Blog

This blogger has an eye catching and intriguing variety of pictures and images in the general layout and in posts which you love. We should thank those of you who post images and photos that inspire us!

2) Best Homeschool Mom Blog

Everyone is the finest homeschool mother for his or her own kids.

3) Blog of Best Family or Group

Nominate your favourite Homeschool Family website or your favourite group site which is run by Homeschoolers or discusses problems that are homeschool.

4) Best Eclectic Homeschooling or Unschooling Blog

This blogger should have an excellent assortment of encouragement and thoughts for individuals who homeschool to the beat in their own drum.

5) Best Blog Design

6) Best Encourager

7) Greatest Geographic Site

In 2005, we’d different classes for Canada and International. I believed that was somewhat unjust. Now, we’re including a class for ANY geographic area which you find intriguing.

8) Best Homeschool Dad Blog

We love to hear what father must say. Particularly if he contains off and on homeschool posts.

9) Finest Jobs, Plans & Crafts Blog

Why not share your favourite sites offering them and grant some acknowledgement to that man?

10) Best Current Events, Opinions or Politics Blog

We do’t need unless quite several posts have useful information pertaining to homeschooling a purely political site that’s run by a homeschooler. Homeschooling is depicted in the media and news clips that impact our independence are perfect.

11) Best Curriculum or Business Blog

Let’s know program sites or your favourite homeschool company so they can be read by us, also!

12, 13, 14) Best Teen Girl Blog, Teen Guy Blog, Teen Group Blog

I’ve seen many amazing teen sites out there that deserve acknowledgement. Teen sites can be any sites run by teenagers who are at least 12 years old.

15) Best NEW Homeschool Blog

It’s making a name on your own in the blogosphere. Lots of times, you feel like you’re composing and no one is on the market.

16) Funniest Homeschool Blog

Nominate your favourite crack-pot crack-up or homeschool website here.

17) Best Homeschooling Methods Blog – New one

Not everybody is an unschooling or eclectic homeschooler. Hopefully you will nominate someone in this class that helps you execute and understand whatever process of homeschooling you follow.

18) Best Cyber-Buddy Blogger

I hope I’ve mentioned all the fields, do let me know if I’ve missed any important category. I’ll add that one here, till then decide your best one, cheers!

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